Use of Logo Policy


The New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition (NJPSAC) restricts the use of the NJPSAC logo as stated in the following policy:

NJPSAC’s logo is a trademark and the property of NJPSAC. However, NJPSAC grants allowance to use the NJPSAC logo to its members in good standing. Only members who have maintained their paid membership in the organization can use the NJPSAC logo.

Members in good standing are authorized to use the NJPSAC logo for the purpose of identifying their membership in NJPSAC. The NJPSAC logo may not be used in any manner to imply that a member is in any way an agent of NJPSAC or that NJPSAC in any way warrants, approves, or endorses any product or service provided by the member.

The NJPSAC logo can be used on members’ business cards, letterhead and promotional materials. Any other use of the NJPSAC member logo not specifically enumerated must be approved by NJPSAC Board of Directors.

The NJPSAC logo may be used by professional organizations that have an official affilitation with the NJPSAC.

Any scaling of the NJPSAC logo must retain the original proportions of the logo. Do not shrink or enlarge the logo beyond legibility.

The right to use the NJPSAC logo shall terminate and be revoked upon the member’s failure to remain in good standing, in the event of misuse by the member as determined by NJPSAC, or any other breach of this Policy for Use. Upon such termination and/or revocation, the member will eliminate the use of the NJPSAC logo from all materials, products, and services, regardless of whether such materials, products, and services are preprinted or pre-existing at that time.

Any member or other authorized entity who plans to use the NJPSAC logo should contact the NJPSAC to review how they will be using the logo and provide an example or access to an example prior to its use.

Legal action may be taken against anyone who uses the NJPSAC logo in violation of the above policy.

For further information please contact us.

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