Honor Award for Accreditation Managers

The Honor Award is conveyed upon Accreditation Managers who by their actions and performance are responsible for their organization being certified or re-certified by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) or the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP) through the New Jersey Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (NJ LEAP)/ 

If you are an accreditation manager, then you know that you are one of the unsung heroes of the accreditation process. Your hard work, dedication to detail, and tenacity are what brought your organization through the process. The unique skills and abilities required of a successful accreditation manager are not easily achieved. It takes a significant amount of time, a dedication to the process, the ability to research and apply operational procedures; all a level of analytical skills not commonly found among ordinary police officers. For this reason, accreditation managers are recognized by their peers with the Honor Award, which consists of both a Certificate and a Challenge Coin.


The Honor Award certificate is awarded for each successful accreditation cycle. After their initial cycle award, the Honor Award will contain a Star for each subsequent award. Therefore, an accreditation manager who successfully brings their organization through five (5) accreditation cycles will be awarded an Honor Award with five (5) Stars. The organization’s accreditation program type (CALEA or NJSACOP) is recorded on the Honor Award to signify for which program the award has been given. For accreditation managers who have successfully brought their organization or multiple organizations through more than one accreditation program, their award will denote both programs with the total amount of Stars equating to the total number of overall successes.


 Honor Award recipients also receive a Challenge Coin as a tangible symbol of their success. Only accreditation managers awarded the Honor Award receive this coin. It is a lasting way accreditation managers can prove to their peers who they are and what they have accomplished. Many accreditation managers choose to proudly display their Challenge Coin on their desk or on a shelf. 

You may apply for your initial award or for a new Star on an existing award by clicking on the “Apply Now” link below. There is no cost associated with applying for this award.



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