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 The New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition is an association for the professional development and support of Accreditation Managers.  As part of our mission, the New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition is dedicated to assisting law enforcement agencies, public safety training academies, and public safety communications centers in achieving and maintaining accreditation through the Commission on the Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Accreditation (IACALEA)and any individual state accreditation program.

The “Agency Membership” is $500/yr. for new members.  Existing membership renewal for members in good standing  is $400/Yr.  An Accreditation Manager may elect to enroll in the “Agency Membership” to access the Coalition’s full range of services and benefits.  Agency Membership provides full access to our News and Articles section with deeper commentary on impacts with some advice on implementation.  This membership includes a pre-assessment review of accreditation files (Computerized or Paper), facilities inspections, and availability of having NJPSAC members available for limited one-on-one discussion on a particular topic or issue.  It will also include access to periodic webinars (at no cost), access to regional peer workshops and discounts on training provided by NJPSAC and NJPSAC sponsored vendors.  There is also additional information available to agencies on this website.  Agency Membership allows user accounts for all accreditation team members of their organization.

An Agency Mock Review is available to non members for $1,500.  Members with less than 2 years can get a Mock Review for the discounted rate of $900.  Members in good standing for 2 years or more on a three year rolling basis are entitled to a free Mock Review.




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